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Did one or more of the Tsar’s children survive the 1918 brutal massacre in Ekaterinburg?


In 2002, Deputy Sheriff Roo Yoder is thrust into the hunt for a hundred- year- old treasure and a killer when his high school friend, now a successful financier, is murdered. The only clue in his hands – a fragment of a 1900’s stock share certificate – worth a fortune if the other half can be found.

Roo, accused of the murder, goes on the run to New York. In hiding from both the police and the killers, while investigating the crime, he turns to his lover, Katya for help, and suspects she is betraying him with a Russian oligarch.

It seems as if nothing Roo knew and nothing he believed in, makes sense any more. The only thing propelling him forward is the case he must solve in order to prove his innocence.

Roo throws himself into the murder investigation and discovers in his uncle’s chequered past during the Russian Revolution, a connection to the Romanovs, and a clue leading to the certificate.

His life upended, his future uncertain, Roo travels undercover six thousand miles to Baku in search of the document. Stalked by the killers, Roo and an exotic dancer, who has her own secrets, risk all to find the other half of the stock certificate and prevent an international crisis.

This historical and contemporary thriller examines how one man’s past can change another’s present and questions why some mysteries are never solved.

What readers say…

GayleBGreat story and interesting history
I read all 3 of these books, could hardly put them down. I hope to read more from this author.
Sandra CrawfordMore suspense, drama, intrigue, and mystery
As in Books 1 and 2 of her Russian trilogies, Ms. Taylor's third book continues her marvelous use of similes, metaphors, and descriptive style. The stories within this novel connect places real and imaginative with factual and fictitious events. The characters are well-defined and believable. One aspect of all three novels that may put off some readers is the violence, but readers have to remember the times covered. These have always been times of murder, kidnapping, explosion, poisoning, and, yes, violence. Ms. Taylor has brought her epic tales full circle with Book 3.


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