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Young attractive divorcee Christina Gartner is lured into a dangerous émigré conspiracy, and ends up on the hit list of a former KGB agent.

Attempting to escape from her glamorous life, she moves from her luxurious Fifth Avenue residence to a shabby apartment building on East 82nd. street.

Shortly after her move she befriends her neighbor, Mme. Feodosia Petrovna Antonova, a White Russian who fled her country after the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Christina is drawn into her neighbor’s turbulent past and her involvement in the intrigue and sexual debauchery surrounding the Bolshevik leaders and Tsar Nicolas II’s court.  Her attempts to uncover the secret Mme. Antonova had buried for years leads to the heart of a sinister émigré plot that makes her the target of a shadowy old Bolshevik spy and his killers.

When Christina’s life is threatened, she becomes involved in a love-hate relationship with Jack Reilly, a New York detective, who takes her into protective custody. They have a passionate affair and she falls deeply in love.

The second novel, The Blood Archive, which begins in 2002 after the World Trade Center destruction, continues Christina’s story.

What readers say…

An American in Paris I could barely wait for the second volume
Given the present international and political climate, the appearance of The Blood Stiller is perfectly timed. It is a captivating modern day thriller, fictional but meticulously founded on fascinating Russian history. The intrigue takes place not only in Russia, but in New York, Courchevel, small-town Ohio to name only a few settings. I could barely wait for the second volume - The Blood Archive - to appear, and I now await with impatience the third volume in the trilogy. Not to be missed!!!
BarbI highly recommend this book
Fascinating book - I now want to find out a bit more about Russian history and then re-read the book. It certainly seems that the author did her research on Russian history. Kept me turning the pages and wanting more, even when I finished it. Can't wait to start reading #2 of this trilogy. There are many twists and turns, some surprising, some not. If you are interested in mysteries and history, I highly recommend this book.
Becky McKinnonIntriguing story
The story flowed well and kept my attention. The characters were interesting and plausible and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy.
beri-beriThrilling from beginning to end
Having been an enthusiastic reader of Minerva Taylor's childrens books I wondered how I could enjoy a book with the title the Blood Stiller. It was thrilling from beginning to end and I found I could not put the book down. Every chapter had something exciting and sometimes spine chilling. Minerva Taylor has obviously researched Russian history to a very high level and in great detail. This is a must read book. Read it! I can't wait for the next book.
ChrissyA fun action/suspense novel
This was a fun action/suspense novel involving the Russian Revolution and a group of Russian emigres in New York during the 1970s. The author clearly did a lot of research for this book, and it shows. Some of the writing is a bit stilted and choppy, but overall a very fun (and suspenseful) read!
ClaireFabulous start to the trilogy
A captivating thriller, extremely hard to put down! A gripping blend of Russian history with suspense. I loved it from start to finish. Fabulous start to the trilogy.
Jack...history that most Americans have only a vague sense of
Holds your attention. Describes a bit of history that most Americans have only a vague sense of. Enjoyed it and look forward to the next part of the trilogy.
Jan SzczepanekonGreat combination of history and suspense
Keeps you on the edge as you go back to the time that we only heard about in history class. The information that you learn is sometimes chilling but other times fits right in with what we were all taught about Russia in those times. The suspense keeps you reading. Very hard to put this book down. Waiting for the next in the series
This is a tense thriller that keeps you guessing to the very end. A host of great characters evoke the mysterious world of White Russian emigrees in 1970's New York. A must read!
Judi DiSabatoA great read...can't wait for more
This generation of white Russians is almost gone and Taylor gives them new life. In a modern thriller. You will be swept into a time of history filled with unanswered Mysteries. The understanding she h as of history and the human condition enriches every page. New York in the '70's rings true as do the many places and times she cavorts through. A great read...can't wait for more.
LindaDid one of the Czar's children survive ?
So - did one of the Czar's children survive? Ms Taylor has written a historically accurate thriller with all of the trimming-The old White Russian emigres in NY, the spies ,the lies, the betrayals -always at the heart of every Russian novel. And leaves you a cliff hanger that just makes you want read Book 2!
ProfSkinnerI love this book! It's a page-turner! I cannot wait for Books 2 and 3 to be released.
I love a mystery from the past that is discovered by an unsuspecting modern day character. The way the "secret" unfolds is riveting. The author describes characters so that you feel like you really know them and describes settings so that you feel like you are there. You could tell this book was well-researched. I really liked the biographies of the historical figures at the end. Weaving these figures into the story make you believe the secret is real and leaves you wanting more.
R. ShaferA real page turner
The Blood Stiller is a mystery thriller that will leave you looking over your shoulder to see if somebody is after you. Author Minerva Taylor masterfully weaves together the Russian Revolution of the early 1900s, New York City in the 1970s and 21st-century rural Ohio into a tale of international suspense. When Christina Gartner befriends an elderly Russian woman in her Manhattan apartment building, she enters a bizarre society of émigrés who fled Russia for their lives after the Communist takeover. They still believe Russia is after them. It seems a nostalgic fantasy until many them mysteriously disappear. Eventually, Christina finds herself wrapped up their fears--and so does the reader.
RabbitVery enjoyable historical novel
This was a fascinating book. I had trouble putting it down. It is an intriguing story of espionage and has a number of surprise twists. The book is well researched and gives an accurate portrayal of Russia at the time of the Bolshevik revolution.
RebekaIntense, Thought provoking
Can history be trusted? The complicated history of Russia woven through with love stories and lies. Interesting, a good read.
Sandra CrawfordA Must-Read for English and history teachers and lovers of good style
A Must-Read for English and history teachers and lovers of good style.
S.J.Such an unusal storyline
Such an unusual storyline and unlike any I have read...... and I read a great deal. The plot was dark, complex, tied neatly into a horrendous time in history. It seemed to be well researched and reeled me in even when I did not want to be. As strange as the plot was, it seemed completely believable. I knew it could not end well, but I had to keep reading. If you like the unusual and historical novels, this may be a good read for you.
SkipA well researched book
A well researched book about Russia in the early 20th century, and the ousting of the Romanov family rulers. The book "timeshifts" from 1917/1918 to 1970 to 2000 relatively seamlessly, following a New York divorcee's interaction with a group of Russian emigrants, and the search for a relic with great associated power. Trust no one.
thirteenA whopping fun entertaining scare
I am delighted to be the "Tenth Man" to review this far reaching and fast moving Book! Moving between Ohio and Manhattan with a deep exhilarating dip into the hardly touched on, today, Russian Revolution is a leap back to exciting, hidden moments in Russian History. Many of which, one often misremembers or literally never heard of. The Title, was a new term to me, and unlike the old days, when I would have researched it, to find the meaning, I goggled the term. Then, I put Goggle away,,,,,,,so I could go traveling within a BOOK.......My favorite Transportation!!! The "BLOOD STILLER" is a perfect term for a "PERFECT READ"; one that teaches, and gives you a whopping fun entertaining scare.
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