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anuary 2002: Rural Ohio.


Reuben Yoder, a deputy sheriff known as Roo, finds the skeleton of an unknown woman, a murder victim whose eyes have been slashed out. His search for her identity leads him to New York where he meets Katya, a beautiful young English woman who was orphaned at an early age. She has come to find her guardian, missing since the World Trade Center disaster.

Roo and Katya, who eventually fall in love, discover the murder is connected to a lost archive containing a powerful document, key to treasure worth billions of dollars. In their hunt for the murderer and the hidden archive they become the prey of a ruthless oligarch.

On the run from his killers, the couple’s quest takes them back into the dark violent past of the Revolution and Stalin’s inner circle and finally reveals the mystery of Katya’s identity.

What readers say…

Judith DiSabatoThe Blood Archive is another page turner
Taylor has topped herself with a second book better than the first. The Blood Archive is another page turner filled with, history, mystery and violence as the Russian trilogy moves from the ashes of the Russian revolution into the 21st century . Taylor covers a lot of ground and time as she weaves a trail from old Europe and Asia to Soho and the Midwest . She is able to credibly write about the jet sett without awe and rural Ohio without disdain. Taylor has experienced both and her sensitivity brings truth to all of her people and places. This is historical fiction it's best with impeccable research and engaging characters. The reader is pulled into the slow seductive relationship between a cosmopolitan woman and a country sheriff as they are pursued by mysteries from the past and present. This is a good read, highly literate and hugely thrilling.
beri-beriMinerva Taylor certainly knows how to write a gripping novel!
If you found it difficult to put The Blood Stiller down, wait 'til you read this! Minerva Taylor's knowledge of Russian history is outstanding and this combined with suspense, horror, excitement and the developing love between Roo and Katya left me wanting more. There's something for everyone in this absorbing book.
CrinklyGnome007I loved the second book more than the first
I loved the second book more than the first. I read rabidly until late last night; my eyes shutting down yet I was willing myself to keep reading. Can't wait for the third in the trilogy.
FrankExcellent example of what I love in historical fiction
I really enjoyed both the Blood Stiller and The Blood Archive. I was surprised at how reading Archive enabled me to recall much of what I read in Stiller months earlier.
George SieckoCannot wait for the 3rd book to be published
Cannot wait for the 3rd book to be published. It is titled 'Devil's Tears'
JamesAn intricate, well-researched thriller
An intricate, well-researched thriller that explores Russia's brutal history. This compelling sequel to 'The Blood Stiller' leads the reader on a life-and-death chase through the rural midwest, the glamorous Manhattan art scene, and an exclusive ski-resort populated by the Russian mob. While an unsolved murder mystery drives the plot, at the heart of the tale is a romance between the exotic, British-educated heiress Katya and a simple small town policeman whose greatest triumph was decades earlier on the high-school football field. While deftly the managing these juicy plot elements, the writer subtly explores themes of social mobility and the violence that accompanies the movement of great wealth.
LindaTerrific historically based fiction
The second book in The Russian Trilogy, The Blood Archive picks up where The Blood Stiller ends. Terrific historically based fiction, we learn what happens to Christine,more of the crazy Russian penchant for intrigue, conspiracy and fear that somehow the Tzarists will take Russia back. The melancholy, superstition- Can't wait for Book Three, The Devil's Tears.
MaryIntense read
Intense read. Kept my interest from the first page to the last.
PossumA very enjoyable read
I enjoyed reading The Blood Archive. The story moved along with a good measure of mystery and suspense that kept me turning the pages. There were a few touches of humour that made me laugh,too. This well researched book gives a chilling account of the ruthless tactics used by the Soviet regime and flawlessly weaves in the characters who travel between New York City, London, France and Columbus, Ohio in search for the archive. The love interest with the main characters adds a bit of spice. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good adventure.
R. ShaferLove this second book of the Russian Trilogy
Love this second book of the Russian Trilogy! In the first book, The Blood Stiller, Taylor introduced us to the Russian underground, Russian culture/history and unsolved mysteries. In The Blood Archive, the author cleverly organizes the chapters centering around just a character or two, keeping the reader intrigued as well as up-to-date on the cast of characters as their lives, adventures and misadventures intertwine. Tensions build as the main characters stay just one precarious step ahead of disaster with no good resolution in sight. The novel spans continents and history as the story unfolds and looming questions are answered. Taylor’s attention to research makes this book a delightful blend of fact and fiction! Enjoy!
RabbitI thought it was even better than the first
Having read the first book in the trilogy, the Blood Stiller, I was excited to read the sequel when it came out. I thought it was even better than the first. The book is an intricate thriller that keeps you in suspense and has some great characters. I particularly enjoyed the character of the sheriff from Ohio. Like the previous book in the trilogy, it is well researched and the accuracy of the history cited and the locations described, including New York and the French Alps, give the book an air of authenticity. A great read!
Rita BerkFast-paced story with a lot of characters
This continues the story in The Blood Stiller, now set in modern time. The intrigue and conspiracies surrounding the tsar and his family continue after the fall of the Soviet Union. Murder and danger follow as various factions try to secure the tsar's last edict and access to his money. Fast-paced story with a lot of characters.
Sandra CrawfordEven more compelling than Book 1
This second book is even more compelling than Book 1. The plot thickens quickly and Ms. Taylor moves clearly and easily from Europe to New York City to Columbus, Ohio, to Amish communities in rural Ohio in chapter after chapter. The reader always knows the locations of the story and the characters with informative chapter titles. Clear descriptions of both characters and surroundings also help to keep the reader absorbed. Ms. Taylor's characters are perceptively drawn with "the good and the bad guys" quite evident to the reader. If one wants crime, suspense, fright, and helplessness, yet always aware of a hint of developing love and satisfaction, then "The Blood Archive" is for you. If the reader has already read Book 1, "The Blood Stiller," then you have to read this second book. It is even more thrilling and suspenseful than Book 1. I anxiously await Book 3 in this exciting Russian trilogy.
Sherron NayPage turner
Eager for book three. Much of the history is flawed but exciting with quite interesting characters who come from different worlds.
SkipWell written, taut, historical thriller
Continuation of a trilogy, with mostly new characters. Katya Marston is a privileged English orphan, who closest relationship Abigail is found dead in the ruins of the World Trade Center; however, her body has the same markings as a murder in Tecumseh County, Ohio, bringing a local deputy sheriff (Roo) to NY City to investigate. The ties back to Russia are numerous, as Abigail's art gallery is hosting a rare show of icons, angering many. Everyone is after Katya, who has no idea why until she and Roo begin to solve the clues left by Abigail as they are chased by competing interests. Well written, taut, historical thriller: trying to resurrect the Romanovs to rule Russia. Looking forward to the third book. P.S. How weird to have two consecutive, unrelated books with a major character named Roo, neither of whom is a marsupial?
Having read the first book in the trilogy, the Blood Stiller, I was excited to read the sequel when it came out. I thought it was even better than the first. The book is an intricate thriller that keeps you in suspense and has some great characters. I particularly liked the sheriff from Ohio. Like the previous novel in the trilogy, there is a high degree of historical accuracy which gives the novel a great air of authenticity. There are also some great exotic locations from Manhattan to the Swiss Alps, an important ingredient for any spy novel. I would definitely recommend it.
Tracey CarterA fantastic thriller and a wonderful insight into Russian history
A fantastic thriller with great characters and a wonderful insight into Russian history. Really looking forward to the third book
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