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Before embarking on The Russian Trilogy, I wrote a couple of children’s books.

Until their website in overhauled, they live here.

Thundering bulldozers shake all of Mole Town! Shafts crumble! Tunnels collapse! Stones rain down from above! Terrified mole citizens are blasted out of their burrows. Humans building above ground unknowingly threaten to destroy Mole Town and the very lives of the moles. Against all odds, two small mole brothers embark on a dangerous mission to battle against the giant human builders. Can the brave brothers save their fellow moles and the mole way of life? Can they keep their family and friends together? Will they survive this dangerous mission?

When James and his parents move from the United States to London, England, they buy a Mini. James loves the little car, which is just his size and dreams of driving it through the streets of London. Then he faces an emergency.

What happens next in this funny tale? Dream come true or nightmare?

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